Thursday, April 8, 2010


In order to maintain consistency in future posts, we will assume that all games of grounders are played using the rules and guidelines set out by the Standard Grounders Rules (SGR):

Essentially a game of tag, with three major differences:
1) The player who is IT has their eyes closed at all times.
2) When the player who is IT calls out "grounders" any player on the ground becomes the IT player.
3) The game is played on a play structure and the surrounding area.

IT Players: To blindly wander on a playground in search of tagging other Players.
Players: To avoid the IT Player(s) while trying to stay off the ground.

1)Players must stay within the playing field, usually the sand around a play structure.
2) The IT Player must have their eyes closed at all times.
3) The IT Player must touch another Player for them to be IT, or call out grounders while one or more Players are on the ground.
4) The IT Player is only allowed to call out "grounders" every 5 seconds; any grounders call within the same 5 seconds of another call is invalid.
5) When the IT Player tags someone, that person must announce that they are "IT", descend to the ground, spin in a circle and count to five before they can tag anyone else.

1) Multiple IT Players
In the case of an IT Player calling 'grounders' while multiple Players are on the ground, there can be a possibility of multiple IT Players, this can be perfectly fine and even make the game more challenging depending on the total amount of players, but if not it can easily be solved by anything as simple as rock paper scissors, or flipping a coin.
2) If any Player touches the IT Player, in taunting or otherwise, they become the IT player.
3) The sate of being "on the ground" is whenever a limb that is supporting you is touching the ground.
4) Jumping in the air while travelling on the ground in hopes of avoiding contact with the ground while the IT player calls out grounders is useless. The Player becomes the IT Player regardless if he/she is on or slightly above the ground.

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